A few places I sometimes visit:

Oslo Kameraklubb, the photographic club in Oslo, one of the largest i Northern Europe.

FOTOdotNO which is the most popular photographic site in Norway.

Unmanipulated images at They were made as a response to photographic «proof» of of ghosts, UFOs and other strange things and are not manipulated according to the rules of All are made in one exposure on slide film and I see that the scanning could be better.

Lykkelige Barn because smart kids don´t always fit into school.

Mensa because those kids grow up and there are some nice, interested and interesting people among them.

Skepsis because pseudoscience is sometimes used to fool those who need real doctors or other help and just take their money (or in some cases their lives).

dpreview for rumors about equipment, and of course: you always get to know why your camera never can be used to make good photographs.

I even have a Facebook account, and a LinkedIn account for more serious (work related) stuff.