Who? Me?

Who? Me?

Norwegian, born 1963, living in Oslo with my wife and kids. I make my living as a physicist and patent attorney but some may claim that I´m more of a photographer.

Photography is and will always be an important distraction. I started photographing and decided not to be a photographer long before I decided to study physics, and decided to specialize in optics because of the interest for photography.

Keeping it as a hobby is nice. I sold a little, competed a little, been active in a few photo critique forums, but in the end photography is simply something I do. The activity is now limited to this web site and an occasional group exhibition. That way I can photograph whatever I want and photography mainly reflects me at my most independent (which some will say is a lot of independence).

The photographs will have to speak for themselves. There may be a touch of mathematics there in the compositions, and a sense of humor, a little weirdness and some silence.

And by the way:
I don´t usually sell pictures anymore, but if you want to use them you should ask. If you convince me that the cause is good (and you mention my name in the byline) the use is for free. If not I charge as most Norwegian professional photographers (and you still have to keep my name in the byline).